What to get the Fitness obsessed Person!

Hello Everyone!

It is a couple of weeks until Christmas, literally just two! With that said, I have a few ideas for the fitness enthusiast in your life! Or maybe things you would like to ask for. What I love about fitness is that you can get some pretty cool things, on a budget, or you can get some swanky expensive things. And, since we are so close to the “New Year, New Me” campaign. Lets make sure that the person who wants to make a change, reaps the benefits from fitness, meaning that it isn’t something that they get over a few weeks into January.

  1. Fitbit! I owned a Fitbit for over a year, and honestly loved it. It was fun to be in competition with my friends, to see who would get more steps a day.
    It really forced us all to move, because we all are very competitive. I think any model of the Fitbit is a great idea for a gift. It helps people track their heart rate, movement and calories burned. If people see how little they may are moving, it can definitely help them step their fitness game up!fitbit
  2. Bands!!!! There is nothing like a good band to get glute activation as well as hamstrings and a whole host of other exercises as well as rehab movements. I just ordered some from a U.K. based company called “Let’s Train. I received 3 bands in a pack for a great price. I like these bands because they are made out of spandex and elastic. Sometimes, the regular bands that are just elastic can cut into the skin and can be very annoying to get on and off, so these will definitely be a game changer for my clients. lets train
  3. Workout Clothes- The fitness lover in your life usually has a favorite brand of workout gear, or a brand that they don’t buy, because it is so expensive. You can splurge on an expensive item, depending on how much you like the person lol. Or you can get them workout clothes that are kinder to your wallet. Either way the fitness lover in your life will never be disappointed in new fitness clothes to sweat in and snap their post sweat selfie. clothes
  4. Gift Card’s- We all know we use fitness as an excuse, or a reason to EAT!!! I do! I try to make healthy, wallet conscious choices. TRADER JOE’S! I love TJ’s. It is a great way to get fresh produce, meats and a few yummy treats. We all need food, and exercise is a small battle on everyone’s fitness journey. What we eat and the food choices we make are just as important as the exercise choices that we make. This is definitely a thoughtful gift. I personally, would love it.trader joes
  5. Get Moving with the Person/ Pay for their 1st pack of training session (hint hint-with me- thetrainerlife@gmail.com for New Year & Introductory rates in the NYC area )!- If you have someone who wants to start a fitness journey, then make sure they get started, help them be accountable. Or, purchase a few training sessions for them. A trainer will hold them accountable for their actions and keep in contact with them about eating habits and will customize a training program for your loved one’s goals!

There you have it, a few options on what to get the fitness lover, or fitness novice in your life. Can you all think of some other great gifts? Let me know in the comments.



Why I choose to shop USDA certified


USDA – United States Department of Agriculture

Organic is a labeling term that indicates that the food or other agricultural product has been produced through approved methods. The organic standards describe the specific requirements that must be verified by a USDA-accredited certifying agent before products can be labeled USDA organic.

Overall, organic operations must demonstrate that they are protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and using only approved substances. (https://www.ams.usda.gov/grades-standards/organic-standards)


vitamin pic

I went to the local vitamin shop in upstate N.Y. when I went to go visit my parents this weekend. I like to shop for my organic food and vitamins and supplements up there because the prices are a bit kinder to my wallet, and I get to see my family it’s a win,win situation.

I started looking at all of the  different supplements, powders, liquid elixirs and such. Something that I noticed, is if the product was USDA certified? It made me think, does this certification make me feel more secured in purchasing an herbal supplement?

Why don’t all companies get certified? Well for one thing, it cost money to certify a product. And it might be more money than a small mom and pop company have. Or there product might have ingredients that the USDA can’t stand behind. Also, the company may not be using organic products. Which for me is important. If I am taking a product for my health, I want it to be the most beneficial to my body.

I guess, this blog post, is more of a question I have for you all. What supplements do you take? Why do you take them? Do you care, if they are organic? Why or why not. I would love to hear everyone’s input on this.

Stay healthy & Happy Monday!





Fitness Nutrition & Orange Theory Fitness

There is a new Orange Theory Fitness studio opening in Midtown Manhattan and I’m excited to be a apart of the opening and helping the students start off on the right foot.
This has possibly been one of the best experiences of my life. I love food shopping for healthy food, and helping to spread the wealth of health to those looking to engage in a healthier life style. And thanks to Orange Theory Midtown in NYC, they helped me facilitate these two passions of mine. I was able to walk around the Whole Foods at Bryant park in NYC and give the members helpful tips about how to stay healthy and get the most out of their orange theory experience because a workout is only half the battle.
Proper nutrition is imperative to a health and fitness regimen. I’m a big promoter of volumetric eating. I’m all about low calorie density foods that equal out to a nice full plate.
I started out by walking the members around the vegetable section of the store. Whole Foods from the earth are always best, especially because of the nutrient content in a lot of these foods. From broccoli, to peppers, to potatoes (yes potatoes), ginger, turmeric, green beans, mushrooms. The possibilities are endless and the more outside of the box you think. The more inventive you can get with healthy foods. You want to enhance the natural flavors of this healthy foods so that you don’t roll your eyes while eating.
The real main point of this evening, was to open people’s eyes to the fact healthy isn’t boring. Healthy can be just as satisfying as your unhealthy foods.
This class was so much fun for me and I hope to be able to do another in the near future.
What are your favorite healthy eats and stores to shop in?
Happy Weekend

Fitness Trackers, how to chose & Reviews.com

In today’s hyper tech world, we love to tell people where we are, what we are doing. And in the fitness world we hold ourselves accountable by using fitness trackers,  apps and message boards to hold ourselves accountable. I have been a faithful Fitbit charge HR wearer for about 18 months now. I enjoyed the different features it offered. The calorie counter, steps, and challenges I could setup against my friends to see who could out walk the other one, day to day.

With all of the wonderful features, I do have a complaint, I had two Fitbit’s break on me in the course of the 18 months. I am not the only person who I know, who has had problems with it. From the screen all of sudden not working, to the strap breaking. For me the buttons and back piece kept coming off.  However, there customer service line  was extremely helpful and sent me a new one, because I was within my 1 year warranty. Now that yet another one has broken on me. I’m thinking of expanding my view past Fitbit and looking into other brands that can offer me the same features, with more durability.

It was perfect timing that Reviews.com reached out to me about this exact topic. So I delved right into this article about the new fitness trackers and what they are offering and even the new Fitbit model.

Since fitness is my main bread and butter I feel the heart rate monitor, calorie counter are extremely important to me. I also found myself liking a GPS tracker. My Fitbit didn’t have this feature but my iphone does, and I found myself looking at stairs climbed as well as elevation. I’m an outdoor runner and I find that feature fun, and helpful.

In this article the 3 top picks were by Garmin vivofit 3, Fitbit Charge 2, Garmin Vivosmart HR+. Garmin is a very reputable company in the fitness world and Fitbit has made a name for itself with getting, mainly sedentary, novice, weekend warriors to get up move and be held accountable for their health. Which I think is great because we as a society spend more time glued to a screen in a seated position, that we are slowly doing our bodies a disservice by not  not moving.


After careful review of this article, of all 3 watches; and their are a few others named in this article as well, but they just didn’t make it into the top three. Everyone’s needs are different, I thought about what I liked about my Fitbit and what I didn’t. What were my deal breakers and what I could live without. One of the points I truly found enjoyable about this article is it discusses the margin of era that each fitness tracker has. Which is helpful so I know what to subtract from the data that the tracker gives me.

This article is thorough and has different categorizes. From color band options, the feel, the features, the message boards, to user friendly setup.  I have narrowed my search down to the Garmin vivosmart HR+ and the Fitbit Charge 2, more so, because of familiarity. Garmin is more well known in the fitness world as being for “real/serious athletes. While Fitbit is the trend, but a trend I feel will stay around for awhile.

What do you look for in a fitness tracker? What are your must have’s, and your live with outs? Check this article out and tell me which one you would chose? Here is the link.



3 Ingredient Green Juice!

Since it is holiday time and I know I am much more prone to munch on treats. I have made sure to add this easy simple green juice to my morning! Since I am eating less nutrient rich food I try and make sure I keep my immune system functioning and keep up with my veggies  and fruit intake.


1) 3 cups organic kale or spinach

2) 140 grams or 1 cup of frozen fruit  ( I prefer pineapple and mangos)

3) 1 cup  unsweetened vanilla coconut/almond milk blend


Place all these ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth!



Drink along side your breakfast or add a scoop of protein powder and a dash more milk if you need a protein boost.


This drink is full of healthy benefits! Vitamin A, K, C and so much more. Let me know if you try it!

What are your favorite quick smooth recipes?

Happy Drinking!



Setbacks, Set ups, stop living in fear.

Setbacks are annoying! I was so ready to start my new training program last week, when sickness crept in! I was so congested I couldn’t lift at my best. I was discouraged because I feel like it set me back for the body that I want for my 30th birthday.

However, I was really able to focus on nutrition and holistic healing methods in order to help my body recover. And it definitely worked. I drank green tea with turmeric, drank kombucha as well as apple cider vinegar and water, and ate loads of vegetables, and my favorite food as of late, kombucha squash!!!! OMG… I just roast it in the oven with some olive oil, S&P, and garlic powder. I don’t know if the amazing nutrients in this food helped boost my immune system, but I like to think it helped.

Along with focusing on my nutrition I started focusing on what I want to  do in this upcoming decade of my life. I have always had a little fear of failure afraid that if I try something new and it doesn’t work out it will show that I am not skilled or a whole host of things that run through my head of self doubt. Coming to the end of my 20’s I have realized, it is ok to mess up. It is ok to fail. It is ok to ask for help. It is ok to say, “I’m still learning”. So that is what I am saying. I’m still learning, and growing which I hope to do until the day I am no longer here.

I am coming up with a list of goals and progressions I want to make for the new year, but get the ball started now. Everything from races to finally applying to get my Master’s degree, and a host of other dreams and aspirations I’ve had since I was a child. So, a setback is just a way for me to refocus and reset! I’ve never felt such a peace and steadiness about the new chapter I’m embarking on.

A bible verse my mom gave me before I started college or a new job is.

Isaiah 41:10 – So do not fear, for I a with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Do Good, Eat Well, Workout!

Women, Fitness, Muscles and breaking the Mold…

Hello Friends!

One thing that drives me crazy at the gym is when people feel that because I am a female trainer, I only train females, I only do cardio, I only do circuit training, and since I at times gain more muscle I should be careful to not get “too big” because I won’t find a husband.

My initial reaction is to roll my eyes, however, this action doesn’t do anything to break the mold on peoples view of women in fitness and what woman are capable of. If a women wants to lift weights, she can, if she wants to do cardio, she can, and if she wants to eat half a cow she can. lol

I think the mold can be broken by accepting the fact there are many different facets to fitness and it should be something that brings you joy, clarity, and especially stress and anger release. If you are from New York City and travel on the subway you know what stress and anger feel like. What better way to work it off then a good workout or class.

What do you think can be done to break the mold about Women in Fitness?

  1. Respect women’s choice’s to lift weights.
  2. Don’t make women feel uncomfortable when they are in the weight area. (I hate when I go down to a weight training floor and women are in the corner not trying to be noticed). I am front and center in front of the free weights. If you feel uncomfortable, get a trainer do a few sessions and learn proper form to boost your confidence with the weights.
  3. Women Embrace the beauty that is your shape, your mold, the skin that you are in! You may not feel comfortable in your body all the time. I know that I don’t. But if you make the effort to do something good for yourself everyday you will see results. Be it mental by reading something that expands your mind or helps your spiritual growth. Learn to cook a healthy meal for yourself, drink more water than you normally do. Show a kind act towards someone, say a kind work of encouragement. Health isn’t just about your physical well being, but your mental as well.

Enjoy your gym life and don’t apologize for what you do or being a women. We are built differently than men and that’s the beauty that makes us, us!


Switching up My Programming

In all honesty I’ve been bored lately with working out. I love health, fitness and knowledge about the body, but I have been doing the same program for a while now. Somewhat maintaining my current physique.

I trained with one of my good friends and co-workers who is also a power lifter. I usually like reps between 8-12 depending on the exercise. My co-worker opened my eyes up to a training program by Jim Wendler called 5-3-1. This is a strength training program to increase the amount of force that you are able to generate against a greater force. ie- getting your weight up lol.

If you look this guy up online he is raw and real no B.S. He comes off as a purest basically no gimicks, no tricks, no fancy lights and music. Just honest truth for results. Now I’m always down for some funky music, lighting and moves. But at the same time there’s nothing like an old school workout of piking things up putting them down and concentrating on proper form.

The reason I’m going to try this programming (in November). Is because I just need a change. It will be a challenge for me to not go past the recommended amount of reps. Hence the name 5-3-1. One week your primary lift is 5 reps, the next week is 3 reps and the last week is 1 rep. Using the base line of 90% of your 1RM. I know it sounds  like a lot but it’s a pretty simple concept that he has been researching and developing for over 10 years. This is another reason why I trust it.

Take a look at a few of his articles. He has many different versions depending on the results that you are looking for.  Hopefully I will enjoy the physical as well as the mental challenge.


100 Days…30 Years!

This is going to be a somewhat personal post. It has to do with me and my journey through life and fitness. Don’t worry I’m not going to get mushy, or go crazy.

I’m actually super excited. Going into my 30th year, I feel way more confident in who I am as a woman. I am strong in my convictions and am not afraid to stand firm on them. ie. “I’m a boss chick” lol. I think you’re 20’s is figuring out who you are and 30’s is still years of growth but definitely being way more comfortable in who I am as a woman.

Since I have 100 days until my thrilling 30! I do want to go in with my best physical and mental state ever. I am basically a New Year’s baby. My birthday is exactly a week after New Year’s. Instead of the whole New Year, New Me. I’m going to go into it, being the best version of myself. I want to stick with my training blocks more thoroughly as well as really expand my mind. I love to read! So, I have seven books that I would like to get through before the end of the year. And start now setting up my 30th year with a plan and a purpose. So one-hundred is a nice round number and gives me enough time to really manifest a good plan.

I want to go into my 30’s more fearless. More accepting of myself and the fact I may fail but at least I try. And to really help people in the fitness world. It has been such a big part of my growth process I really want everyone to have fitness and a healthy lifestyle to help them grow into their optimal potential. And I WANT TO…TRAVEL! I always have excuses, responsibilities, work and a whole host of other reasons that I don’t explore more. I want to live my life with a focus and a purpose. I’m excited for my “Thrilling 30!”.

Anyone have any pre-30 or after 30 advice? I would love to hear it.


“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future- Jermiah 29:11thirty

More Than the Gym

Taking care of your body outside of the gym is just as important as your workout. You have to make sure you keep your immune system up. A while back I wrote a post about spices and how spices have wonderful medicinal purposes.

Here are two drinks that I feel optimize your health beyond workout.

Turmeric latte –  12 ounces unsweetened almond milk

1 Tablespoon Raw Organic Honey

1 Tablespoon Organic Turmeric Powder

Heat the milk in a sauce pan, add the honey and let it melt into the milk, then add the turmeric powder and stir until dissolved.


Provides vitamins that are essential for your body, it helps stop prostate cancer, relieves arthritis, helps control diabetes, reduces cholesterol levels, and boost your immunity levels just to name a few!

This spice is a power pact. I enjoy adding spices to my foods and drinks so that I don’t have to put artificial products in my body.

Next on this is…

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar! (Warning this taste horrible)…but if you can take a shot of alcohol you can drink this! So bottoms up, buttercups.

You can drink this drink hot or cold. I prefer to drink it cold and just chug it. I sometimes drink it hot and sip on it. You can add honey or Stevia as a sweetener if you choose. This drink helps add in digestion, build your immune system and helps keep you regular.

8- 12 ounces of Water

2 – 3 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar

Sweetener (optional)


Enjoy these drinks that will help maintain and boost your body in a natural healthy way.

Enjoy the rest of your week.





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