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Fitness Trackers, how to chose &

In today’s hyper tech world, we love to tell people where we are, what we are doing. And in the fitness world we hold ourselves accountable by using fitness trackers,  apps and message boards to hold ourselves accountable. I have been a faithful Fitbit charge HR wearer for about 18 months now. I enjoyed the different features it offered. The calorie counter, steps, and challenges I could setup against my friends to see who could out walk the other one, day to day.

With all of the wonderful features, I do have a complaint, I had two Fitbit’s break on me in the course of the 18 months. I am not the only person who I know, who has had problems with it. From the screen all of sudden not working, to the strap breaking. For me the buttons and back piece kept coming off.  However, there customer service line  was extremely helpful and sent me a new one, because I was within my 1 year warranty. Now that yet another one has broken on me. I’m thinking of expanding my view past Fitbit and looking into other brands that can offer me the same features, with more durability.

It was perfect timing that reached out to me about this exact topic. So I delved right into this article about the new fitness trackers and what they are offering and even the new Fitbit model.

Since fitness is my main bread and butter I feel the heart rate monitor, calorie counter are extremely important to me. I also found myself liking a GPS tracker. My Fitbit didn’t have this feature but my iphone does, and I found myself looking at stairs climbed as well as elevation. I’m an outdoor runner and I find that feature fun, and helpful.

In this article the 3 top picks were by Garmin vivofit 3, Fitbit Charge 2, Garmin Vivosmart HR+. Garmin is a very reputable company in the fitness world and Fitbit has made a name for itself with getting, mainly sedentary, novice, weekend warriors to get up move and be held accountable for their health. Which I think is great because we as a society spend more time glued to a screen in a seated position, that we are slowly doing our bodies a disservice by not  not moving.


After careful review of this article, of all 3 watches; and their are a few others named in this article as well, but they just didn’t make it into the top three. Everyone’s needs are different, I thought about what I liked about my Fitbit and what I didn’t. What were my deal breakers and what I could live without. One of the points I truly found enjoyable about this article is it discusses the margin of era that each fitness tracker has. Which is helpful so I know what to subtract from the data that the tracker gives me.

This article is thorough and has different categorizes. From color band options, the feel, the features, the message boards, to user friendly setup.  I have narrowed my search down to the Garmin vivosmart HR+ and the Fitbit Charge 2, more so, because of familiarity. Garmin is more well known in the fitness world as being for “real/serious athletes. While Fitbit is the trend, but a trend I feel will stay around for awhile.

What do you look for in a fitness tracker? What are your must have’s, and your live with outs? Check this article out and tell me which one you would chose? Here is the link.


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