Women, Fitness, Muscles and breaking the Mold…

Hello Friends!

One thing that drives me crazy at the gym is when people feel that because I am a female trainer, I only train females, I only do cardio, I only do circuit training, and since I at times gain more muscle I should be careful to not get “too big” because I won’t find a husband.

My initial reaction is to roll my eyes, however, this action doesn’t do anything to break the mold on peoples view of women in fitness and what woman are capable of. If a women wants to lift weights, she can, if she wants to do cardio, she can, and if she wants to eat half a cow she can. lol

I think the mold can be broken by accepting the fact there are many different facets to fitness and it should be something that brings you joy, clarity, and especially stress and anger release. If you are from New York City and travel on the subway you know what stress and anger feel like. What better way to work it off then a good workout or class.

What do you think can be done to break the mold about Women in Fitness?

  1. Respect women’s choice’s to lift weights.
  2. Don’t make women feel uncomfortable when they are in the weight area. (I hate when I go down to a weight training floor and women are in the corner not trying to be noticed). I am front and center in front of the free weights. If you feel uncomfortable, get a trainer do a few sessions and learn proper form to boost your confidence with the weights.
  3. Women Embrace the beauty that is your shape, your mold, the skin that you are in! You may not feel comfortable in your body all the time. I know that I don’t. But if you make the effort to do something good for yourself everyday you will see results. Be it mental by reading something that expands your mind or helps your spiritual growth. Learn to cook a healthy meal for yourself, drink more water than you normally do. Show a kind act towards someone, say a kind work of encouragement. Health isn’t just about your physical well being, but your mental as well.

Enjoy your gym life and don’t apologize for what you do or being a women. We are built differently than men and that’s the beauty that makes us, us!


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