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Switching up My Programming

In all honesty I’ve been bored lately with working out. I love health, fitness and knowledge about the body, but I have been doing the same program for a while now. Somewhat maintaining my current physique.

I trained with one of my good friends and co-workers who is also a power lifter. I usually like reps between 8-12 depending on the exercise. My co-worker opened my eyes up to a training program by Jim Wendler called 5-3-1. This is a strength training program to increase the amount of force that you are able to generate against a greater force. ie- getting your weight up lol.

If you look this guy up online he is raw and real no B.S. He comes off as a purest basically no gimicks, no tricks, no fancy lights and music. Just honest truth for results. Now I’m always down for some funky music, lighting and moves. But at the same time there’s nothing like an old school workout of piking things up putting them down and concentrating on proper form.

The reason I’m going to try this programming (in November). Is because I just need a change. It will be a challenge for me to not go past the recommended amount of reps. Hence the name 5-3-1. One week your primary lift is 5 reps, the next week is 3 reps and the last week is 1 rep. Using the base line of 90% of your 1RM. I know it sounds  like a lot but it’s a pretty simple concept that he has been researching and developing for over 10 years. This is another reason why I trust it.

Take a look at a few of his articles. He has many different versions depending on the results that you are looking for.  Hopefully I will enjoy the physical as well as the mental challenge.

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