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Hello Friends!

I have been gone for a while. But in my time away I have learned and grown a lot. Professionally, personally, and in my knowledge as a trainer.

An amazing article that I read in Time magazine, “The New Science of Exercise by Mandy Oaklander” Basically sums up that EVERYONE NEEDS TO EXERCISE!


This article calls exercise a miracle drug! It is something that everyone can do. No matter how old you are, your fitness level or illness you have. Exercise can help remedy almost anything in your life. Exercise can alter your medical condition, help rehab yourself and help your mental state just to name a few.

Dr. Tarnoplsky states that people are suppose to get 150 minutes of strength and cardiovascular activity a week. This is just three 50 minute sessions a week. Moving your body 3 times a week to help protect your life and health in the long run is a small price to pay. “The consequences of a sedentary life are as well documented as they are dire. People with low levels of physical activity are at higher risk for many different kinds of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and early death by any cause. That’s at the end of life. Long before that, inactivity can worsen arthritis symptoms, increase lower-back pain and lead to depression and anxiety- not to mention cause a sallow complexion” (Oaklander).

Exercise is preventative medicine. People usually start exercising after the fact, it is so vital for people to do it because it helps you with any curve balls life can throw at you. When you have a heat attack, surgery, diabetes, break a bone, are diagnosed with a disease. The first thing a doctor will do is send you to a physical therapist, tell you to start a light to moderate exercise program, and change the way you eat. If this is what is being prescribed after the fact, why don’t more people do it before as preventative?  Exercise and health is something that doesn’t show instant gratification. Exercise is somethi ng that takes CONSISTENT effort and time to feel and see a change. Most people don’t want to wait for the change, and people like to think they are invincible and they don’t need to workout. One thing that everyone has in common is that we are all getting older! As my father likes to say the only two definite’s in life is “death and taxes”. Don’t give death or disease an early invitation into your life.

As well written and informative as this article is, I have one issue with it. It states that with the control group who exercised physical changes did not occur. Which is true if you don’t make a change in the way that you eat. If you are still eating processed unhealthy foods then you may feel better exercising but it won’t produce the visual aesthetic look that people want. Health and fitness is a two part process, workout to strengthen, preserve and keep your body youthful. And eating wholesome foods will help your workouts as well as show off your muscles and curves.

This article is enlightening and affirming. If you are struggling in your workout, keep going, it is for a greater purpose than what you can see right now. If you are new to exercise then this article will make you want to start.

If you read it let me know and tell me what you think!



Why Fitness is Important!

Hello Everyone,


I have been MIA trying to adjust to a new job at a start up fitness company it is interesting to say the least. It is like one big circus that is finally coming together. Anyway I am Back!

Something brought me back to a realization last week as I was teaching my TRX Bootcamp class. And this was bought to my attention by one of my students.

Let’s start from the beginning. This woman has been a member of the gym and has been working out even before I was Personal Trainer. She is a class person, she loves all types of classes from kick boxing, to yoga and she has gotten more into strength over the last few years. Be it that she is getting older she felt implementing a little more strength work was important for maintaining good health, she has recently celebrated her 70th birthday.

Fast forward to my class, I noticed while teaching that she had a few cuts and bruises on her leg. After class she came to me and told me what happen. She rides her bike to and from work, (which in NYC is like riding in a video game of GTO). A car stopped short in front of her and she flipped over her handle bars and landed on the street. Do you know what happen…She got up and took herself to the hospital! The doctor was shocked that she didn’t have two broken hips! Or possibly worse.

This is what FITNESS is about, it’s about being healthy and when you land flat on your back you can GET UP! She told me it was thanks to the classes and me telling the women in my class that strength training is vital for us the older we get. This just brought me to life. I was so happy she told me this because it reminded me why I love fitness. It’s not to look good in a bathing suite, or look like a fitness model. It is about being HEALTHY and taking care of your body to make sure you can handle life’s curve balls.

Sometimes we can feel like why do I workout, I’m not seeing results, this takes more time out of my day, that I don’t have! lol. Always remember the results of a healthy lifestyle is a life long journey. When you are 70 you should still be taking your health into consideration.


I hope everyone has an amazing Monday the weather here in NYC is suppose to be amazing this week. So get out there and enjoy it!



Spice up your life!!


Spices can help you more than just adding flavor to your favorite dishes. The medicinal purpose of spices is amazing to the point they are the new stars of most green juices. Tumeric, cayenne, chipotle, curry, matcha. All of these spices help circulation, blood flow and cognitive ability.

Turmeric helps joints. It’s an anti inflammatory and antioxidant. People now are taking the powder and putting it in green smoothies to help give it an extra immune boost.

Cayenne- one of my favorites. Helps boost your metabolism and blood flow circulation and oxygen to the blood. One of my favorite ways to have it is in my homemade hot chocolate. I love sweet and spice and I use dark chocolate cocoa powder which also has medicinal benefits.

Chipotle powder -helps your heart, diabetes, blood pressure and cancers. I love to put chipotle powder in chilis and beans, turkey burgers or bbq recipes. It adds a nice flavor and the benefits are endless.

Curry can protect against Alzheimer’s and aids in digestion. And so much more. Who doesn’t love a good curry chicken or veggie curry. You can make Thai curry, Indian curry, Jamaican curry. Fish veggies beef. You don’t have a reason to not put it in your food rotation.

Matcha has so many antioxidants. It has a higher antioxidant rate than green tea. It has cancer fighting properties. It taste great in baked goods as well. Matcha cookies are my secret guilty pleasure.

We really are what we eat! So when you season your food season with intention. Season thinking about bettering your mind. It’s great to lift weights, run, drink water. But eating is a big part of it. Are you just eating pre-made and pre packed food. No shame, I have a few pre-packed items in my freezer. But I mainly try to eat fresh foods that I season with these flavors. These big burst of flavors stimulate my senses and awareness of my body.

What are some of your favorite spices? What are some of your favorite recipes?

Spice up your life!

New year, New….

Hello everyone happy new year. So I’m sure some of you or a few people you know have jumped on the health kick band wagon. Which is awesome! However, let’s make sure you or whomever you know stays on it!

A few quick things to remember.

1) Rome was not built in a day. Do not expect results in 10 days. You might feel better but visual change might not come for a few weeks

2) Be consistent! One of the biggest problems I see with newbie resolutionist is they go HARD to quickly to fast! Start slow! There is no reason to go to the gym for 3 hours take 2 classes, abs and finish off with arms. In one day! Slow your roll! Be patient. Start with 40-45 minutes and work your way up.

3) Revamp your kitchen. After the holidays is a perfect time to get rid of all the cookies, cakes, and snack foods and fill your kitchen with wholesome nutritious foods!
*Meal prep

4) Plan what days you’re going to work out put the date in your calendar and add one extra day just Incase one of your set days doesn’t work out. For example. You are going to workout Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday have an extra day Incase one day doesn’t happen. You couldn’t go Wednesday then add Friday. It helps if you have flexibility in your schedule.

5) Gadgets the gym isn’t the only place fitness happens. Your everyday life from walking to work, grocery shopping, housework adds up! I just got a Fitbit for Christmas and started using after New Years. So far, so good. It’s just nice to see how many steps and how active I am during the day. And see patterns I have how I sleep.

This year on my blog I’m going to show more of what I eat my workouts geared towards my goals and how I fit yummy foods in being that I live NYC. One of the best food locations ever! And just living a real life with health being a top priority! But still enjoying great food and new fitness tends. I’m not big on “trends” but I will give everything a try

happy new year




The better scale to use!

Food scales and weighing food are all the rage in the fitness world. It is a love hate relationship. The reason most people weigh their food is in order to count their macros. You weigh your food to be able to figure out the carbs, fats and proteins in the food that you are eating. You will find that people who are in prep for a “body” competition use this way to meal plan. It enables the person to eat a variety of foods not just broccoli, chicken breast, and sweet potato. Aka- bro food.
I think weighing food is a great tool for someone who does not know what a portion size is for the food they eat. Or for people who guess-Tamate portion sizes. Most likely you are way off. You would be surprised what the size of a chicken breast actually is, or what 2Tbsp of peanut butter is, or that even with a measuring cup you are are still adding a lot of cereal to your bowl. I know all of this because I did it! I either guessed way low and was under eating or way high and I was about 300-500 calories over what I thought I was eating. Once you’ve done it for a while. Your eye balling skills will improve drastically! I don’t do it all the time because I’m not in any type of “prep” for a competition. I do it for my own personal goals. I take my lunch to work almost everyday of the week. So that is when I measure my food as well as brrealfast and lunch, my work days are when I’m most on point with it.

I’m pretty free with my vegetables. The more the better. But when it comes to complex carbs, oils (fats), and proteins I measure them out. I also use the app my fitness pal to track my calorie intake as well as my macro nutrients which are carbs, fats, proteins and some people do fiber as well. Even though I eat a majority of “real food” whole grains, veggies, lean proteins, real butter, honey, and things to that nature. I am by nature heavy handed so this is just a tool to help me know the exact measurements of food. It’s great for cheese. Can you honestly tell me you know what a 1oz cube of cheese is just by sight? Because I definitely didn’t know. If you are ever curious about why you may not be where you want physically. See what you are actually consuming. Are you going cray on eating protein but not eating enough fay? There’s is a whole system of percentages that you can go to tweak what works best for you. Most people us the 70/30/30 ration which is carbs, fats, proteins. But again these numbers can be altered for personal goals.

Do you you “think” you know what a Tbsp of peanut butter really is…? Get yourself a scale and give it a try. How do you all eat healthy? Do you use an app, just eat real food, or a program like weight watchers? Or maybe a combination of some sort? image.jpeg

Philadelphia Marathon

This past weekend I accomplished one of my goals! Running a Marathon. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I’m so happy I was able to achieve this goal that has been a long time coming. My mother and my sister came with me to Philadelphia and we made a weekend out of it.image

The race expo the day before was amazing. It was full of vendors selling. Sneakers, gels, clothing and loads of other amazing runner swag! I also got an awesome new foam roller that has been my very best friend lately. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, if you don’t foam roll you need to start! It seriously helps in your recovery process from running to lifting.image

Race morning went off without a hitch, I was up hydrated and ate on the way to the race. My pre-marathon breakfast was a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter a small coffee and half a liter of water mixed with half a bottle of Gatorade. Complex carbs, protein, healthy fats, and electrolytes!image

imageThe race started at 7am but I didn’t cross the start until 7:40am. The first part of the race was awesome I felt great full of energy conquered two big a** hills I mean huge!!! Between miles 15-21 I started thinking. “Why am I doing this? I paid money to do this?! I’m crazy?!” But once I hit mile 23, I felt like oh my God I’m almost done, I’ve done this. I walked some of the race because my right glute was throbbing but I didn’t stop moving. And my phone died at mile 11! I have run 22 miles and still had battery left. This one day my phone decided to shut off at 60%. So this race was a serious test of my will, because I always run with music. But I sucked it up and conquered my goal. I’ve never felt more energized and like I can truly accomplish anything even beyond running.image

After the race my mom sister and I went to Cheesecake Factory and I enjoyed every bite of the 3 apps we split and my entree! This personal achievement means so much to me. I’m now thinking what’s next. This year is coming to a close and I’m thinking about next years goals and achievements that I want to set not only with my training but in my personal and professional life as well.

What are your goals. Is there something you want to do that’s scaring you? What’s holding you back and what do you need to change in order for you to get it done?

I think something on the bucket list for next year is a Ragnar Race! Which is a tag team race of about 200 miles. Who’s down to join!

My sister who is a fashion and lifestyle blogger did a vlog of our weekend. Check it out if you want to see some of the weekend the expo and where we stayed.

Have an amazing rest of your week and beginning of your December


Bootleg French Toast

Here is a quick and easy breakfast idea of you are in a rush and really like breakfast like I do. This hit the spot after I taught a TRX/Bootcamp class and trained myself this morning. It takes less than 10 minutes to make this

2 slices Cinnamon Raisin Toast (I love The Vermont Baking Company) there bread is delicious with no additives!

1 1/2 Tbsp of peanut butter or (nutbutter of your choice)

1/3 cup of blueberries

Dash of cinnamon

Walden Farms Syrup or honey (if you’re not about that chemical life!)

Toast the bread, add equal amounts of peanut butter to both slices. Add blueberries and drizzle syrup or honey and a dash of cinnamon

voila! Enjoy! image


20 Miles The good the bad and the Ugly!

I ran my first 20 miler this past Monday and it was good, it was bad but most importantly it was accomplished!


A little reflection on my 20 mile race is

1) Pace yourself! Even if you are feeling great try not to speed up. Now this was my first 20 miles ever!!! So it was a learning experience.

2) Eat a good breakfast before hand! I had 2 pieces of cinnamon raisin bread with crunchy Pb and some walden farms syrup. Or as I like to call it. “bootleg French toast”!
I also hydrated with half a bottle of Gatorade mixed with a full half liter of water.

3) Sour patch kids. Yes you heard me correctly! I received this tip from one of the Nike Run Pacers. I had run out of shock blocks and didn’t want to wait for the store I usually get them from to open. So, I bought a small bag of watermelon sour patch and stuck them in my runner waist pack! It is sugar and carbs and a great substitute if you run out of your preferred energy source. my favorite are The Cliff Bar shock blocks in strawberry, fruit punch, or margarita.

This run was awesome and a breeze….for the first 14 miles. Then I think I might of hit what they call “The Wall”. I was fatigued, one of my glutes was in pain and I was thinking, “I chose to do this. I signed up for this. I paid money to put myself through this. My legs might detach at the hip joints and leave me, because they are tired. How will I ever add another 6.2 miles on to this???”

After a nice foam roll. And just laying under the shower I realized I felt like crap but it wasn’t the end of the world. So I know what sucky feels like and I still pushed through it. Which means I can push through for this Marathon as well. One should always reflect on a past experience we perceive as the worst experience ever!! Just kidding. But it was the feeling I had at that moment. The sense of victory and accomplishment was so much more fulfilling then I could of imagined. I can’t wait to see what the Marathon brings me. T- 9 days!!!

Life, Fear, Balance and Conquering it!

What would you do if you could do exactly what you wanted. Every morning wake up doing what you love. I think in a certain way we are all trying to achieve working towards our inner happiness, or what we think will make us happy.


I have realized that I absolutely love fitness. I love teaching. I truly believe it is my calling to help people understand, achieve and get on a path to a healthy lifestyle. Not just losing weight or lifting heavy.

Sometimes Life definitely gets in the way. And the fear that we may not succeed at it. At one point in my life I was a full-time trainer. It was my sole base of income. But…I got injured and it really hindered my ability to teach some classes as well as train clients at times. I continued to work while injured and my recovery process took close to a year. Which was longer then necessary. This kind of made me scared to continue teaching and training as my full-time job. To this day I have it in the back of my head that it could happen again. And then what would I do!

Even though I have a (9-5 job) in the fitness field I still miss training and teaching 24/7. It is not easy and not for the faint of heart because you are usually up at 5am and pretty much have an open early afternoon, because regular people work during those hours. But, despite all of this I still love it. I still love learning about it. And educating myself in the fitness field. I am still studying for my Corrective Exercise Science certification and it is NO JOKE there is a lot of material! But I love learning this new information in order to help people and myself prevent and recover from injury.

Working a 9-5 has taught me that I can still train myself and help others. It takes some balance and will power but through online training, group classes, and private clients I still feel apart of the full-time fitness world. Even though I spend a majority of my life in a gym, Managing a gym or training, managing is very different.

So, what I am asking of you all is to do something either once a week or once everyday that brings you closer to the “Real Life 9-5” or all day life that you want. Release a fear, forgive someone who as wronged you, and BELIEVE in your crazy dream. Because it wasn’t placed in you by accident. My mother says, “God put that dream in you, because you are the one who is suppose to achieve it. So, do it with all of your heart”. And the older I get the more I believe this is true.


Sorry for the mushy post. Just something  I felt I needed to share.


Philadelphia Marathon Training!!

I’m training for a full marathon. Yes a full marathon! I’ve kept it under wraps because I have said I was running them before and something has always gotten in the way. Mainly my body saying, NO. I gave myself a different mindset this time. It’s not about the best time, running fast, having the coolest outfit on. It’s about me. It’s about self fulfillment and my love of running. When I put everything into perspective, my runs became amazing. My long runs are doable and I feel energized!image

When you do something fitness oriented do it for yourself! Do it because it will better your mind, body and soul. Don’t do anything fitness wise to prove things to others. You will end up hating it and not giving it your all.image

My runs are so pretty and awesome especially because I run through Central Park where they are gearing up for the New York City Marathon. So I feel the energy of all the runners and prep and it motivates me to push harder and one day hopefully run the NYC Marathon. The camaraderie that runners have is awesome. I even stopped and talked to a few people on my run because we were all taking pictures of the marathon setup. Running brings out a light hearted, determined side to people. And it’s one of the reasons I love it. I’ve met some great friends through this sport and hope to make more.

My long runs have consisted of 14, 18, 15 and this coming Monday will be 20 miles. Let’s hope it goes as well as my other runs have.

What’s your best running story? Why do you run? What drives you to continue to do it?

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