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New year, New….

Hello everyone happy new year. So I’m sure some of you or a few people you know have jumped on the health kick band wagon. Which is awesome! However, let’s make sure you or whomever you know stays on it!

A few quick things to remember.

1) Rome was not built in a day. Do not expect results in 10 days. You might feel better but visual change might not come for a few weeks

2) Be consistent! One of the biggest problems I see with newbie resolutionist is they go HARD to quickly to fast! Start slow! There is no reason to go to the gym for 3 hours take 2 classes, abs and finish off with arms. In one day! Slow your roll! Be patient. Start with 40-45 minutes and work your way up.

3) Revamp your kitchen. After the holidays is a perfect time to get rid of all the cookies, cakes, and snack foods and fill your kitchen with wholesome nutritious foods!
*Meal prep

4) Plan what days you’re going to work out put the date in your calendar and add one extra day just Incase one of your set days doesn’t work out. For example. You are going to workout Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday have an extra day Incase one day doesn’t happen. You couldn’t go Wednesday then add Friday. It helps if you have flexibility in your schedule.

5) Gadgets the gym isn’t the only place fitness happens. Your everyday life from walking to work, grocery shopping, housework adds up! I just got a Fitbit for Christmas and started using after New Years. So far, so good. It’s just nice to see how many steps and how active I am during the day. And see patterns I have how I sleep.

This year on my blog I’m going to show more of what I eat my workouts geared towards my goals and how I fit yummy foods in being that I live NYC. One of the best food locations ever! And just living a real life with health being a top priority! But still enjoying great food and new fitness tends. I’m not big on “trends” but I will give everything a try

happy new year




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