Philadelphia Marathon Training!!

I’m training for a full marathon. Yes a full marathon! I’ve kept it under wraps because I have said I was running them before and something has always gotten in the way. Mainly my body saying, NO. I gave myself a different mindset this time. It’s not about the best time, running fast, having the coolest outfit on. It’s about me. It’s about self fulfillment and my love of running. When I put everything into perspective, my runs became amazing. My long runs are doable and I feel energized!image

When you do something fitness oriented do it for yourself! Do it because it will better your mind, body and soul. Don’t do anything fitness wise to prove things to others. You will end up hating it and not giving it your all.image

My runs are so pretty and awesome especially because I run through Central Park where they are gearing up for the New York City Marathon. So I feel the energy of all the runners and prep and it motivates me to push harder and one day hopefully run the NYC Marathon. The camaraderie that runners have is awesome. I even stopped and talked to a few people on my run because we were all taking pictures of the marathon setup. Running brings out a light hearted, determined side to people. And it’s one of the reasons I love it. I’ve met some great friends through this sport and hope to make more.

My long runs have consisted of 14, 18, 15 and this coming Monday will be 20 miles. Let’s hope it goes as well as my other runs have.

What’s your best running story? Why do you run? What drives you to continue to do it?

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NYC based Personal Trainer. Weight lifter, Runner, foodie and lover of anything that makes me sweat.

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