What’s your motivation!??

Where did your fitness journey start? When was that moment that you decided it was going to be a priority in your life? Making your health and fitness regime a consistent part of your life is basically adding one more thing to do, on top of loads of other things. Why is It important to you? Was it a scare from the doctor? A look in the mirror? A person that impacted your life? Just a general concern for your health? Usually there’s something that happens when you decided the change is going to happen it may be up and down but the real conscious effort takes place to make better choices and move that body of yours more!image

My journey has happend  in stages, like many things in life do. My first step was when I was a teenager and I was tipping the scale at 175lbs. That was my first step towards learning about food buying exercise videos and DVD’s because I was embarrassed to go to the gym. At this point in my life it was a little obsessive compulsive and my weight yo-yo’ed. Moving forward to the summer before my junior year of college I got a receptionist position at a local gym, little did I know that this would be a start to a healthy outlook, knowledge and what I would end up making my career! I owe my first step in the door of fitness to my dear friend Aisha she was a personal trainer who had a body type like mine and a kind personality who told me I should try training and from that moment on I’ve continued to educate myself. Learn and grow in this field. There have been many ups and downs but my favorite part is meeting different people ! Especially in the field and finding other health and fitness professionals that have made their daily work to help better others from the inside out. My mindset, body, outlook and way of eating have evolved a lot do to the roll fitness has played in my life. It’s one of the things I can kind of have sole control of. I give what I get and if I don’t get it it’s usually because of something I did or didn’t do. It holds me accountable. With dedication and self reflection.image

Here’s a little of my story, what’s yours?

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