My Love of Volumetric Eating!

How do you make your favorite, possibly not so healthy foods last longer on the plate… add veggies!!! I’m all about adding vegetables to different dishes that are caloricilly dense like pasta. My new favorite green to add is….ARUGULA! It’s my current fav! Bowtie pasta, arugula, parm, cherry tomatoes, sautéed onions is delicious!! And my go to meatless meal. But if you love your meat! Then add some ground turkey, beef, fish. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Spinach, broccoli, and string beans are my next favorites! Cut them dice them roast them and add them to any food that you can’t have that much of. I love to add veggies to pasta because it makes the portion size bigger and also leaves room for treats or higher carb foods.

If you are on a lower carb diet then pile your plate full of delicious veggies and proteins. One of my favorites that I made this week was healthy turkey meatballs on a bed of massaged kale (yes my kale gets a spa treatment..lol) I massage it with a teaspoon of olive oil lemon juice and salt. It helps tenderize  it and yes you must rub down your veggie because the warmth from your hand will do the tenderizing.  You’ll be surprised how much you can eat and how full you will feel.

What are some of your favorite veggies to add some volume to your plate? Let me know.

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