The Sweat Party at Reebok in Union Square

This past Saturday night I hung out with my friend Montie. And instead of doing what most New Yorkers do on a Saturday night. Either dine out, club, movie, date night, or my fav prepare your dinner and in bed by 1030. Lol. Yes sometimes I am that person!

imageThis Saturday night we did something a little unconventional. We went to a “sweat party”! At the the reebok store in union square. Now what is a sweat party you may ask….? that’s the same thing I was thinking. I knew it would probably have a lot of cardio and hopefully good music. After that I didn’t know what to expect. What I got was great!


It’s an amazing dance/fitness party! There was a DJ (who’s female, heck yes!) loud speakers! A choreographer and a trainer! Push-ups, squats, jumps, partner drills. And some awesome music from the classics like cha-cha slide to the na-na. The sweat party is a great way to meet people because there is partnering work. It’s a great way to cut loose and feel good about your Saturday night. Feel the endorphins and natural high of this awesome event. I definitely suggest everyone check out “the sweat party”. image

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