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Why Fitness is Important!

Hello Everyone,


I have been MIA trying to adjust to a new job at a start up fitness company it is interesting to say the least. It is like one big circus that is finally coming together. Anyway I am Back!

Something brought me back to a realization last week as I was teaching my TRX Bootcamp class. And this was bought to my attention by one of my students.

Let’s start from the beginning. This woman has been a member of the gym and has been working out even before I was Personal Trainer. She is a class person, she loves all types of classes from kick boxing, to yoga and she has gotten more into strength over the last few years. Be it that she is getting older she felt implementing a little more strength work was important for maintaining good health, she has recently celebrated her 70th birthday.

Fast forward to my class, I noticed while teaching that she had a few cuts and bruises on her leg. After class she came to me and told me what happen. She rides her bike to and from work, (which in NYC is like riding in a video game of GTO). A car stopped short in front of her and she flipped over her handle bars and landed on the street. Do you know what happen…She got up and took herself to the hospital! The doctor was shocked that she didn’t have two broken hips! Or possibly worse.

This is what FITNESS is about, it’s about being healthy and when you land flat on your back you can GET UP! She told me it was thanks to the classes and me telling the women in my class that strength training is vital for us the older we get. This just brought me to life. I was so happy she told me this because it reminded me why I love fitness. It’s not to look good in a bathing suite, or look like a fitness model. It is about being HEALTHY and taking care of your body to make sure you can handle life’s curve balls.

Sometimes we can feel like why do I workout, I’m not seeing results, this takes more time out of my day, that I don’t have! lol. Always remember the results of a healthy lifestyle is a life long journey. When you are 70 you should still be taking your health into consideration.


I hope everyone has an amazing Monday the weather here in NYC is suppose to be amazing this week. So get out there and enjoy it!



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