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What to get the Fitness obsessed Person!

Hello Everyone!

It is a couple of weeks until Christmas, literally just two! With that said, I have a few ideas for the fitness enthusiast in your life! Or maybe things you would like to ask for. What I love about fitness is that you can get some pretty cool things, on a budget, or you can get some swanky expensive things. And, since we are so close to the “New Year, New Me” campaign. Lets make sure that the person who wants to make a change, reaps the benefits from fitness, meaning that it isn’t something that they get over a few weeks into January.

  1. Fitbit! I owned a Fitbit for over a year, and honestly loved it. It was fun to be in competition with my friends, to see who would get more steps a day.
    It really forced us all to move, because we all are very competitive. I think any model of the Fitbit is a great idea for a gift. It helps people track their heart rate, movement and calories burned. If people see how little they may are moving, it can definitely help them step their fitness game up!fitbit
  2. Bands!!!! There is nothing like a good band to get glute activation as well as hamstrings and a whole host of other exercises as well as rehab movements. I just ordered some from a U.K. based company called “Let’s Train. I received 3 bands in a pack for a great price. I like these bands because they are made out of spandex and elastic. Sometimes, the regular bands that are just elastic can cut into the skin and can be very annoying to get on and off, so these will definitely be a game changer for my clients. lets train
  3. Workout Clothes- The fitness lover in your life usually has a favorite brand of workout gear, or a brand that they don’t buy, because it is so expensive. You can splurge on an expensive item, depending on how much you like the person lol. Or you can get them workout clothes that are kinder to your wallet. Either way the fitness lover in your life will never be disappointed in new fitness clothes to sweat in and snap their post sweat selfie. clothes
  4. Gift Card’s- We all know we use fitness as an excuse, or a reason to EAT!!! I do! I try to make healthy, wallet conscious choices. TRADER JOE’S! I love TJ’s. It is a great way to get fresh produce, meats and a few yummy treats. We all need food, and exercise is a small battle on everyone’s fitness journey. What we eat and the food choices we make are just as important as the exercise choices that we make. This is definitely a thoughtful gift. I personally, would love it.trader joes
  5. Get Moving with the Person/ Pay for their 1st pack of training session (hint hint-with me- for New Year & Introductory rates in the NYC area )!- If you have someone who wants to start a fitness journey, then make sure they get started, help them be accountable. Or, purchase a few training sessions for them. A trainer will hold them accountable for their actions and keep in contact with them about eating habits and will customize a training program for your loved one’s goals!

There you have it, a few options on what to get the fitness lover, or fitness novice in your life. Can you all think of some other great gifts? Let me know in the comments.



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