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Fitness Watch Review, Part 2! What did I choose?!?!

A few months back, I did a blog post about fitness watches, my charge 2 HR had broken for the second time, and I refused to pay for another. After researching and reading people’s reviews of different fitness watches, and what they had to offer. All the watches I reviewed were great, but none of them had everything that I was looking for.


About a month later fitbit came out with the Ionic! So I did my research, saw what it had to offer and fell in LOVE! It has all the bells and whistles and data analysis that I am looking for. The face of the watch is a nice size, in order to read the data that displays across the screen. Just like all the fitbit’s before it, the Ionic has your steps, calories, and heart rate displayed first.

The extra’s I love, love, love…There is different types of fitness exercise options,such as, “Running (I love the fact the running option does total mileage and splits). Weight Lifting, Swimming, Cycling, Treadmills, Intervals, and Workouts”. I just tried out the, workout option while taking an Orange Theory class, which is a combination of weights as well as cardio. And the Ionic worked great. In an Orange Theory class you use a heart rate monitor, to track your progress. And I’m happy to say the deviation in numbers was minimal. There is also, a timer, Music, wallet, alarms, weather and one of my favorite features, is the STARBUCKS app!!! If anyone knows me  they know I love a good cup of coffee after a kick-butt workout.

I have only been wearing the watch for a few days but, all in all. I am so happy with the decision to get the ionic

A big huge, Thank You to my amazing boyfriend for giving me this wonderful, thoughtful gift. I’m so happy with it.

What fitness watches are you all wearing? Are you happy with what you have?

Until next time!



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