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Review! Gym Gypsy Program Planner!


Hello Friends,

I am not very good at keeping up to date on here, but when I do write, I hope you enjoy the content. I won’t promise to do better at blogging, I’ll just do better, words don’t mean anything without actions to back them up. With all that said, on to this blog post.

With all of social media’s downfalls it is actually a great tool to use, and for people to share their life’s passions and works. And for that it is a great asset.

A few of the IG profiles that I follow were tagging a company in a few post that peaked my interest, so I decided to, “click”. And, I am so happy that I did. Today’s review is on the “GYM GYPSY” program planner. It is a planner that is specifically used to monitor your training and keep detailed accuracy about your lifts, progress, meals, mood and more. This planner is great, because in all honesty, I spend all of my time monitoring my clients food, and workouts that I’m a bit lackadaisical in keeping track of my own work.  The planner is sent to you quarterly, each one coinciding with the seasons, this planner has a few helpful and cute additions that have made me completely happy with my purchase. Each day gives you things to reflect on. It is categorized under different headings such as, “Health Inventory/ Strength/ Conditioning/ Nutrition” and more!


The planner comes with great motivational tools, stickers, calendars for each month, pages to record PR’s. All of these extras help you to execute your workout’s more effectively and most importantly hold yourself accountable to what you want to achieve.

It is said that if you write down something you are much more likely to do it and hold yourself accountable to getting done. “…write the vision, and make it plain upon tables,that he may run that read it.”- Habakkuk 2:2


If you’re someone who always makes excuses or forgets, this might just be the planner for you! However, it only works, if you use it! 1st step committing to using the planner and seeing if it helps you organize your workoust, and help you to see your numbers, progress and more.


I hope this was a bit helpful for you, I know sometimes I get into a workout slump and need some rejuvenation, and this is my summer one.

If you are interested in getting this great planner head over to their IG page “gym.gypsy” and check them out!

Be Blessed Everyone!


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