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Quarantine and Your Health

Let’s talk about health, health is all encompassing. Health is not just your physical fitness, a number on the scale, or if you fit into your favorite pair of jeans. (However, all of these things play small roles). During theses crazy quarantine times that we are living in, let’s take our health beyond just working out. Our health is Mind, Body & Soul. Let’s do our best to make sure we are taking care of ourselves to the best of our abilities. So, here are 5 way’s to Check-In on your HEALTH

  1. Are you waking up anxious or with anxiety? Let’s start by turning off the news for a day. It is enough to make your head spin with all of the different information that is being hurled at us. It is completely fine to detox from it for 24
  2. Focus on one good thing each day. That one thing may be that you woke up today. That you are able to breathe, feel, call someone. Be grateful for one thing and focus on that one thing. And you will be surprised how just starting with one focused positive thought can help you.focus blog pic
  3. Hydration- Make sure you are staying hydrated with “water”. Water helps to revive the system, flush out the system, wakes us up, helps with circulation and headaches. I have noticed with myself that I start to get anxiety, tense, and lethargic  when I am dehydrated or over caffeinated lol.  So, how many ounces of water are you consuming? A helpful tip- Drink half your body weight in ounces. Example- If you’re 150 lbs you should be drinking a minimum of 75 ounces Hydrate-01-process-s660x855
  4. .Read. Read for fun, listen to an audio book,read a book that will help you with your spiritual growth (whatever that may be for you), read a book for self development or start an online course. There are tons of free materials available, especially now, this is an opportune time to educate yourself. Work on yourself. Or just be free to read something frivolous, let your mind and imagination get excited. keepcalm-read
  5. Allow yourself to feel. It is ok, if you do not feel ok everyday, be mad, be sad, cry. Breathe. Stare at a wall. However, don’t dwell on the things that you can not change. Don’t focus on the unknown. And know that we are all going through this, the entire world, not just your town,  not just your school,not just your neighborhood…. EVERYONE! Let that form some feeling of solidarity, unity, and comfort for you during these challenging times. unity blog

I hope this in some way shape or form is able to help you know that you are not alone. That your health goes beyond your physical fitness. We are all the culmination of many different facets and layers, that is what makes us who we are as individuals. And all of these parts need to be taken care of. What are some of the things you do to help yourself stay “healthy” during this quarantine?

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