The Evolution of you!

Allow yourself to evolve, allow yourself to grow and transform. The same way your body does during your fitness journey allow this to happen in your life as well.

In my fitness journey and in my life my body, goals and outlook have shifted. Priorities evolve and change.

When I first started on my fitness journey running was my life!! I would run, everyday rain or shine. You couldn’t pay me to miss a day. As, I have learned and grown in my knowledge of health, training programs and most importantly nutrition.  You have to train for the goals you have set for yourself.

As I became stronger and more confident in weight training I began to want to see physical changes in my musculature, because of this my goals and my outlook changed and my focus I believe now is more balanced, and less obsessive. Sometimes the reason you started is not the reason you continue. This post is more of a ramble about being conscious and aware of yourself, your reasoning and that it is o.k. to grow. That is what life is about, always learning, and being o.k. with your path.

Just a  bit of a random thought Monday, I hope you are all doing well and being healthy.

Published by thetrainerlife

NYC based Personal Trainer. Weight lifter, Runner, foodie and lover of anything that makes me sweat.

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