The Adjustment…Being a Personal Trainer During Quarantine

I have been a trainer for over 10 years now, I usually travel over NYC to train my clients. Since the Corona Virus has happened, it has put me in a position to go the virtual route with training. Which I have to say I was uncertain about at first, but I have grown as a trainer and to like virtual training. It definitely took a moment to get used to it, I am able to dedicate more time to studying the body, to be more of an asset to my clients. And I have also gained new clients that live in different states. This has taken me out of my comfort zone and also has helped me to expand my creativity in order to make sure my clients get what they need out of their workout.

This is how a typical, “Day in the Life” of a  Virtual Personal Trainer.

Morning- First let me say I have been loving the fact that I don’t have to be up at 5:00 am. I love this,  it’s glorious !!! My first client is generally 9:00 am or 10:00 am depending on the day. I usually get up around 7:30 – 7:45 am. I like to give myself time to wake up, prepare my mind, drink water, coffee, set my intentions for the day, read a devotional, review my clients programs and make any tweaks if need be, and make a smoothie.  I know this seems like a lot. But, when I am used to leaving the house by 5:30 am, this time I have in the mornings now is precious and sacred to me, and I don’t take it for granted.


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I usually try to plan my clients back to back, it is easier for my schedule and getting things done that I need to do. This doesn’t always work, but for the most part it does. My virtual clients are currently all  in different states than I am, except for 1. Training virtually took a bit of time to get used to because you have to figure out the angles you need to be able to see to make sure that my clients form is where it is suppose to be. This took a bit of trial and error but for the most part we’ve got it down.

After my first few clients I usually teach a “Group Fitness Class” Group fitness meaning I am doing it through IG Live or Facebook Live. I have to admit this was very awkward at first, because you don’t have interaction with the people joining the class. After doing it a few times and people writing comments during the class, it helps to give me a group fitness feeling. And I have come to enjoy it, because it helps to hold me accountable just as much as the participants who take the class.

Generally after I finish teaching I have one more client right after my class or a little later on. Then it is time for lunch. I usually have a working Lunch. I work on my continuing education credits for Personal Training, read a book (because reading a book during my normal schedule, is a challenge in itself, trying to find the time). And I have been working on some different business endeavors and collaborations with friends who are also in the fitness and education industry.

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I generally spend about 3 hours a day either consecutively or broken up working on these 3 things and then of course I have to get “my workout” in. I do workout when I teach my classes, but I do have specific goals and exercises that I do for my body, especially corrective exercise techniques be it that I am doing a lot more vigorous work outs,( ie- HIIT, Cardio) during the classes  that I instruct.

I would say the biggest change in my life is that I am not clocking 25,000 steps a day, which is hard for me physically it was effortless cardio lol.

During quarantine, fitness has seemed to give people a sense of release and relief. There are people who were not working out pre-quarantine and they are, and it’s great that more people are using fitness as an outlet.

All in all adjusting to “Quarantine Fitness” has been an adjustment but I am so happy with the growth I have made and I know that this is going to help me be a better trainer and expand what I can give to my clients.

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