What’s on My Grocery List!

I think a question that I get a lot is, “what do you eat?”. A one hour workout is only 4% of your day or 6% if you hit an hour and a half. But still that other 94-96% is spent not trying to stuff my face with foods that would hinder my progress in accomplishing my goals. But, balance is key to anything in life. So, I thought this would be a good time to post what I get when I go to the grocery store. I train clients as well as manage a fitness facility. aka (desk job). Therefore I pretty much have all my meals planned out, accept for two meals a week I leave open for dinner out with friends or nights I am just too tired to cook.

I usually have “my necessities” in my kitchen at all times. Or at least try to. Right now I’m running low and need to stock up

I always have brown rice and Jasmine rice on hand. I can make a pot and eat off of it for 2-3 days. (Yes, I eat rice! It’s about portion control people).

Egg Whites (a large carton)- I have egg whites almost every morning. Sometimes cooked up with some veggies and reduced fat cheese. Or I put it in my steel cut oats to add protein first thing in the morning along with my healthy carb.

Spanish/Red onions

Ground Turkey-I buy a few and store them in the freezer.

Tuna- Which can be added to a pasta dish to boost the protein or my new fav zoodles (zucchini noodles).

Greek Yogurt- Which isn’t just yummy on its own, but can be added to a few different dishes to make yummy sauces.

Sweet potatoes- I love to eat sweet potatoes on leg days. They just give me the kick in the butt that  I need.

Veggies!!!! Luckily in NYC we have veggie cart people on almost every single block so I can stock up on all of nature’s goodies at a fraction of the cost that the grocery store charges. They’re not organic but organic in the city can cost an arm and a leg. But if there is a sale I but organic

Nut Butters- Yes butter(s). Plural! I can have up to 4 different nut butters in my house at one time. Why…ummm…because I do.

And if you are having a busy hectic week like many of us are, one of my favorite go to’s is a whole rotisserie chicken from your local market. I have a Whole Foods down the street from me and I can eat off a whole rotisserie chicken for a week. I make healthy chicken salads, Fajitas or 1/4 chicken with veggies and rice. There are quite a few possibilities. So I highly recommend picking one up!

As far as snacks go because it is summer I’ve been eating a lot of fruit! Pineapple, watermelon, and cherries just to name a few. And all of these taste good on top of yogurt with some fat free redi whip or half a tablespoon of chocolate chips! (hey a girls gotta live).

Hope this helps a few of you out when it comes to making your grocery list for the week.

4 thoughts on “What’s on My Grocery List!

    1. I usually add my own sweetener to plain 2% greek yogurt. I add a strawberry or your favorite flavored preserve. Or I will do strawberry or blueberries with a tsp of honey vanilla extract and cinnamon heat it up and it taste just like the yogurts with the fruit on the bottom. with a fraction of the sugar.


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