Stretch it Out!

I need to make a confession, I don’t stretch nearly as much as I should! I love yoga and silks and ropes but sometimes it is hard to fit it in after lifting and cardio and the rest of my day. I usually submit to it when my body starts aching. And after, I feel like a new person. So, if this is so good for me and I feel so exhilarated afterwards why isn’t it more important to my workout regimen? This is a very good question. I believe it is because I feel that if I’m not lifting heavy or running to the point of exhaustion than I’m not working! This is far from the truth!

Stretching is so important to having a happy healthy body. It helps your muscles recover from the stress we put on them in our daily lives as well as during our workouts. I used to do yoga 2-3 times a week after I had suffered injuries to both of my feet at the same time. So, you would think I would not be so hardheaded to keep it going with my crazy schedule. But I have fallen off the band wagon. But, I want to jump back on. Since I have a foundation of yoga that I was doing I’m going to barter with one of my awesome co-workers who is a great yoga teacher. She is going to give me a yoga session and I’m going to train her. We are both in the fitness industry but in different capacities. We are able to educate each other in different ways, which is something that I love about this business. And then I also started subscribing to yogaglo.com because a yogi that I admire so much teaches classes on Kathryn Budig!

Now I know my last post was about how apps can sometimes hinder the fitness industry. But, I am getting one on one training, as well as using media to help me achieve something else in my fitness journey.

What is something that you don’t do that you know you should? Have you done anything to change that? And if not, will you?

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