The Half Way Mark for 2020!

Ok friends we are halfway through 2020. Let’s talk about what we have accomplished, what we haven’t, and how we have to pivot our thought process to adapt to the “New Normal”. I have come to realize that all of the goals that I have had set for the, “year” need to be readjusted for the year we are having. I am going to do this by making my goals smaller and more palatable. With that said; I am going to do monthly goals.

My July Monthly Goals

1) Read two book’s this month. One of the books (which I am in the middle of) is more of an educational read. And one book is for pleasure. The two book’s that I hope to get through are.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street by-Burton G. Malkiel & Then She Was Gone by- Lisa Jewelblog book

2) I have been doing different courses through an educational institute, I have 15 more credits to go in order to get a certificate as a Human Movement Specialist. The course requires 80 hours of work. I am so close, I just need to buckle down stay focused and do a little bit everyday. Hopefully I can achieve this goal.


3) Revamp this blog! I have wanted to pick out a new layout (a bit of a face lift), add new pictures, and make this site more interactive to be able to communicate and stay connected a bit more, especially since we are all adapting to the “New Normal” especially in the fitness industry, and just life in general.

4)  I want to try two new recipes this month. I have realized that I have become complacent in my cooking. I keep making the same dishes. I want to expand into a cuisine that I have never tried before, or just some new dishes. ( This is a dish that I made earlier this week. Roast Chicken and an Orzo salad).blog food

5) Start to work on my personal business more. I want to expand my business and I am hoping to do that by working with a business coach. I want to reach more people. I am at  a point where I need help with my system and processes. And knowledge about going more into the online training world. I am used to one-on-one in person training, the online world forces you to pivot and be creative and adaptable and I have to say I have enjoyed the challenge. I am excited to learn more and to be able to expand the clientele that I can help.1492134586-FocalPoint_Business_Coaching_is_Reality

Here is to July and making small achievable goals. What are your goals for this month?







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