Where are you getting your fit info from?!

There is  loads of information sites, and dozens on dozens of quick fixes to weight loss and how to achieve it. But do these articles and sites know what they are talking about it..? Unfortunately a majority of them are straight rubbish! It’s generic info that may or may not work for a percentage of the masses. Not everything works for everyone. So articles that are scientifically based help you to understand your own body and techniques and education about the fitness industry. Some of my favorite sites for accurate truly helpful info are.

Juggernaut.com. This site is awesome because the people writing the articles have been in the business of weightlifting for years and they have studied and taking the time to write content to help the most basic weightlifter to the advanced. They have also released books from lifting to eating a renaissance diet.

Iifym.com- I am a macro counter. I enjoy counting macros because i believe my body reacts well to it and I have seen significant changes in my body. So I used this site to help figure out my macro numbers. It ask a series of questions and gives you a nice base of information. To help educate you on counting and understanding the benefits of counting macros.

Brookbushinstitute.com- this guy is amazing he has YouTube videos that I watch all the time. He does in depth videos and articles about the muscles the joints and how they move. The content is very thick but if you are a person who wants to learn the actually mechanics of the body and how it works. Definitely check out this site and Bret the founder he is amazing. I’ve taken several of his live workshops and I’ve always left with so much knowledge.

Skinnytaste.com- I love this woman! She is amazing she makes delicious healthy meals. With full nutritional info. That is already logged in my fitness pal. I make one of her dishes a week. I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve made.

Nasm.org/blog- this is the organization that I received my personal training certification from. The info is accurate and researched. And I give it a million thumbs up!

Where are you all getting your info? And what made you choose it?

I hope this helps you in your training life!

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