Hello Warm Weather!

Ok! So, here in NYC we have had consistent warm weather for the past few days. Almost  a week now. And everyone is loving it! People are also realizing that we had a rough winter that might of caused them to pile on a few more extra pounds than anticipated. On My walk home from the gym the other day I went to my local fruit stand man around 6pm, and he was picked clean of over half of his stock! I think people realized the warm weather might be here to stay so they better start eating their fruits and vegetables.

Along with people stocking up on their fruits and veggies. I’ve seen people engaging in way more outdoor activities, from running, cycling, or trainers taking their clients outdoors for more of a bootcamp style workout, which I will be starting with my clients in a few weeks.

My question is what drives your passion to exercise? What  makes you do it, even if you dred it? What makes you love it and look forward to it? Are you more prone to lose weight in the summer months? Will you be more consistent now because you will be wearing less clothes? And When picking a training trend, style, or trainer, what is it that you look for and why?

It is all about doing something that you will first of all stick with, and second of all help you reach your goals! That is if you have a specific goal for your fitness journey or if you are just trying to move more. Whatever your motivation is where is it coming from? My point is don’t forget that. Always remember there was a reason you started, hold on to it when you don’t feel like getting up at 6:30am to do legs (cough,cough) me this morning. But, I knew I would be thinking about it all day and would feel worse not getting it done. My dislike for not doing it outweighed my desire to stay in bed. So when you don’t feel like it always remember why it is you started in the first place! And let it fuel you in these warmer days to come.



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