ROM (Range of Motion)

Hey All,

So, lets jump right into this blogs topic, Range of Motion or ROM. I was at the gym the other day working out, minding my own business. When in between sets I noticed something while looking in the mirrors. (If your gym is anything like mine there are tons of mirrors around and you can see almost every inch of the gym floor in at least one of the mirrors). What I observed was some peoples lack of range of motion. I think this comes from people wanting to lift heavier! And I get that, if you know me you know in the last year or so I’ve become all about heavy lifting and power moves. (this is not where I started on my fitness journey). People think racking on the weights means they are getting more out of their workout, and I must beg to differ.

Definition: Range of motion (ROM) is a term commonly used to refer to the movement of a joint from full flexion to full extension.

Range of Motion is vital because it makes sure that you are engaging all of the muscles in that particular exercise. For example a bench press if a person is only going half way down then pressing back up they are not getting their full range of motion. And not getting the full benefit of the exercise. This happens a lot with squats, bench press, push-ups and shoulder presses. If you are an elite athlete your range of motion might be different because of your goals and the amount of weight you are lifting. However, for the average gym goer, squat deep, bar to the chest, and bend those elbows during your push-ups.

If you are a person that doesn’t have great range of motion I suggest that you first lighten up your weight. Take off some of those plates or drop your dumbbells down a bit. FORM FIRST!

I think it is important to remember that exercise can benefit every aspect of your life because you are constantly moving your body and well living in it. So, while you’re working out make sure the time your taking is well spent, getting optimal results out of your workout!

Hope this post was helpful! Have a great fit week!

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